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Chain Lady Bit

Lady Bit with Chain Mouthpiece

Lady Bit

Lady Bit with Ported Chain

Horse Shoe Shank with Snaffle

D-Ring Bit with a Smooth Snaffle


D-Ring Bit with Dog-bone and Copper Rollers

Playboy Brass Decal Bit

Dog-bone Shank Bit with Copper Rollers
*Can have a Smooth Snaffle, Dog-bone Mouthpiece, a Curb Mouthpiece, or Correctional Mouthpiece
*Brass Decals Optional (Brands/Intials/Etc.)

Pretzel Mouthpiece Bit

Pretzel Bit
*Can have a Smooth Snaffle or a Dog-bone mouthpiece

Chain Bit

Chain Bit


Ported Chain Bit


Oxbow Stirrups


Oxbow Stirrups with Brass Dancing Cowgirl

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